All portraits are executed in oils on linen canvas and are delivered to the client unframed. The price of each portrait is estimated on a per-job basis and varies according to type, size, number of subjects, complexity of foreground/background, furnishings, etc. The artist's travel fees for out-of-town clients and shipping costs are additional to the price of the portrait and is estimated and arranged on a per-commission basis. Please contact Faith Cameron Semmes for detailed information

The payment schedule is 1/2 of total price due at the beginning of the commission process and the balance due at delivery of the finished portrait


Most often, I visit the client’s home to discuss their wishes and expectations for the portrait and get to know and photograph the subject(s), . A client may wish to provide their own photographs - either existing pictures or ones they take specifically for the portrait. I would be happy to provide suggestions regarding background, lighting, camera angles, clothing, etc. Generally, I do not work from a single photograph, rather I prefer to combine elements from several to achieve a harmonious, more pleasing painting.

The actual painting process requires from 6 to 18 weeks to complete depending on the complexity of the portrait. During this time, I provide the client with progress reports and, for out-of-town clients, a photograph of the portrait at the early, easily adjusted stage and another upon completion to my satisfaction (these can be viewed either by mail or in a private viewing area on my web site). If no final adjustments are required by the client, the finished portrait will be delivered or shipped to the client.

Tel. (843) 768-1141

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